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Car Stickers With 3 Letters

Car Stickers With 3 Letters Car Stickers With 3 Letters

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Below is an extensive listing of all independent countries of the world and their international car code.

These days, oval stickers with an international circulation mark are not as common anymore in Europe, since standard E.U. number plates have integrated the country code into a blue strip on the left side of the plate. This blue section is actually the flag of Europe (a circle of 12 yellow stars on a blue background), with the country code of the member state underneath it.

The usage of these white oval decals originated in Europe in the early 20th century. European countries are relatively small and drivers have always frequently crossed from country to country. Moreover, in those days European licence plates all looked confusingly similar, so Europe needed to find an easy way to identify each vehicle’s country of registration. They came up with the idea of making it mandatory to put a white oval-shaped sticker with black country initials on the back of all vehicles.

Country International vehicle registration code Afghanistan AFG Albania AL Alderney GBA (stands for Great Britain Alderney) Algeria DZ (stands for الجزائر‎ or, in the Latin alphabet, al-Jazā’ir, pronounced as Al Dzayer) Andorra AND Angola ANG (unofficial licence plate country code) Anguilla AXA (unofficial licence plate country code) Antarctica ARK (unofficial licence plate country code) Antigua and Barbuda AG (unofficial licence plate country code) Argentina RA (stands for República Argentina) Armenia AM Aruba AUA (unofficial licence plate country code) / ARU (unofficial licence plate country code) Australia AUS Austria A Azerbaijan AZ Bahamas BS Bahrain BRN Bangladesh BD Barbados BDS Belarus BY (stands for Byelorussia) Belgium B Belize BH (stands for British Honduras, the former name of Belize) / BZ (unofficial licence plate country code) Benin DY (stands for Dahomey, the former name of Benin) Bhutan BHT (unofficial licence plate country code) Bolivia BOL Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH (stands for Bosna i Hercegovina) Botswana RB (stands for Republic of Botswana) / BW (unofficial licence plate country code) Brazil BR British Virgin Islands BVI Brunei BRU Bulgaria BG Burkina Faso BF Burma (officially Myanmar) BUR (stands for Burma, the former name of Myanmar) Burundi RU (stands for Ruanda-Urundi, the former name of Burundi) Cambodia K (stands for Kampuchea, the former name of Cambodia) Cameroon CAM Canada CDN (stands for Canadian Dominion) Cape Verde (in Portuguese: Cabo Verde) CV (unofficial licence plate country code) Catalonia CAT (unofficial licence plate country code, E is the official code) Central African Republic RCA (stands for République Centrafricaine) Chad TCH (stands for Tchad) / TD (stands for Tchad, unofficial licence plate country code) Chile RCH (stands for República de Chile) Colombia CO Comoros COM (unofficial licence plate country code) Corps Diplomatique (Diplomatic Corps) CD (not a country code, but used alongside a country code sticker by (foreign) diplomats) Costa Rica CR Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) CI Croatia HR (stands for Hrvatska) Cuba C Cyprus CY Czechia (Czech Republic) CZ Democratic People’s Republic of Korea KP (unofficial licence plate country code) Democratic Republic of the Congo ZRE (stands for Zaïre, the former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo) Denmark DK Djibouti DJI (unofficial licence plate country code) Dominica WD (stands for Windward Islands Dominica) Dominican Republic DOM East Timor (Timor-Leste) TL (stands for Timor-Leste, unofficial licence plate country code) Ecuador EC Egypt ET El Salvador ES England ENG (unofficial licence plate country code, GB is the official code) Equatorial Guinea GQ (unofficial licence plate country code) Eritrea ER Estonia EST Ethiopia ETH Faeroe Islands FO / FØ (stands for Føroyar, unofficial licence plate country code) Federated States of Micronesia FSM (unofficial licence plate country code) Fiji FJI Finland FIN Flanders VL (stands for Vlaanderen, unofficial licence plate country code, B is the official code) France F Gabon G Gambia WAG (stands for West Africa Gambia) Georgia GE Germany D (stands for Deutschland) Ghana GH Gibraltar GBZ (stands for Great Britain Gibraltar, Z was assigned because G was already used for Guernsey) Greece GR Greenland KN (stands for Kalaallit Nunaat, unofficial licence plate country code) Grenada WG (stands for Windward Islands Grenada) Guatemala GCA (stands for Guatemala, Central America) Guernsey GBG (stands for Great Britain Guernsey) Guinea RG (stands for République de Guinée) Guinea-Bissau RGB (stands for República da Guiné-Bissau, unofficial licence plate country code) / GW (unofficial licence plate country code) Guyana GUY Haiti RH (stands for République d’Haïti) Honduras HN (unofficial licence plate country code) Hong Kong HK (unofficial licence plate country code) Hungary H Iceland IS (stands for Ísland) India IND Indonesia RI (stands for Republik Indonesia) Iran IR Iraq IRQ Ireland IRL Isle of Man GBM (stands for Great Britain Isle of Man) Israel IL Italy I Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) CI (stands for Côte d’Ivoire) Jamaica JA Japan J Jersey GBJ (stands for Great Britain Jersey) Jordan HKJ (stands for Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) Kazakhstan KZ Kenya EAK (stands for East Africa Kenya) Kiribati KIR (unofficial licence plate country code) Kosovo RKS (stands for Republika e Kosovës, unofficial licence plate country code) Kuwait KWT Kyrgyzstan KS Laos LAO Latvia LV Lebanon RL (stands for République Libanaise) Lesotho LS Liberia LB Libya LAR (stands for Libyan Arab Republic) Liechtenstein FL (stands for Fürstentum Liechtenstein) Lithuania LT Luxembourg L Macau MO (unofficial licence plate country code) Macedonia, Republic of (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM) MK (stands for Македонија or, in the Latin alphabet, Makedonija) Madagascar RM (stands for République de Madagascar) Malawi MW Malaysia MAL Maldives MV (unofficial licence plate country code) Mali RMM (stands for République du Mali) Malta M Marshall Islands MH (unofficial licence plate country code) Mauritania RIM (stands for République islamique de Mauritanie) Mauritius MS Mexico MEX Moldova MD Monaco MC Mongolia MGL Montenegro MNE Morocco MA (stands for Maroc) Mozambique MOC (stands for Moçambique) Myanmar (formerly Burma) BUR (stands for Burma, the former name of Myanmar) Namibia NAM Nauru NAU Nepal NEP Netherlands NL Netherlands Antilles NA New Caledonia NC (unofficial licence plate country code) New Zealand NZ Nicaragua NIC Niger RN (stands for République du Niger) Nigeria WAN (stands for West Africa Nigeria) Northern Ireland (unofficial licence plate country code, GB is the official code) NI Norway N Oman OM (unofficial licence plate country code) Pakistan PK Palau PAL (unofficial licence plate country code) Palestine PS (unofficial licence plate country code) Panama PA Papua New Guinea PNG Paraguay PY People’s Republic of China CN (unofficial licence plate country code) Peru PE Philippines RP (stands for Republic of the Philippines) Poland PL Portugal P Puerto Rico PR (unofficial licence plate country code) Qatar Q Republic of Korea ROK Republic of the Congo RCB (stands for République du Congo Brazzaville) Romania RO Russia RUS Rwanda RWA Saint Kitts and Nevis KAN (unofficial licence plate country code) Saint Lucia WL (stands for Windward Islands Saint Lucia) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines WV (stands for Windward Islands Saint Vincent) Samoa WS (stands for Western Samoa, the former name of Samoa) San Marino RSM (stands for Repubblica di San Marino) Saudi Arabia KSA (stands for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) Scotland SCO (unofficial licence plate country code, GB is the official code) Senegal SN Serbia SRB Seychelles SY Sierra Leone WAL (stands for West Africa Sierra Leone) / SLE (unofficial licence plate country code) Singapore SGP Slovakia SK Slovenia SLO Solomon Islands SOL (unofficial licence plate country code) Somalia SO South Africa ZA (stands for Zuid-Afrika) Spain E (stands for España) Sri Lanka CL (stands for Ceylon, the former name of Sri Lanka) Sudan SUD Suriname SME Swaziland SD Sweden S Switzerland CH (stands for Confœderatio Helvetica) Syria SYR São Tomé and Príncipe STP (unofficial licence plate country code) Taiwan RC (stands for Republic of China) Tajikistan TJ Tanzania EAT (stands for East Africa Tanzania) Thailand T Timor-Leste (East Timor) TL (unofficial licence plate country code) Togo TG Tonga TO (unofficial licence plate country code) Transnistria PMR (stands for Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, unofficial licence plate country code, MD is the official code) Trinidad and Tobago TT Tunisia TN Turkey TR Turkmenistan TM Tuvalu TUV (unofficial licence plate country code) Uganda EAU (stands for East Africa Uganda) Ukraine UA United Arab Emirates (UAE) UAE United Kingdom (UK) GB (stands for United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) United States (USA) USA Uruguay UY Uzbekistan UZ Vanuatu VU (unofficial licence plate country code) Vatican City V Venezuela YV Vietnam VN Wales CYM (stands for Cymru, unofficial licence plate country code, GB is the official code) Western Sahara WSA (unofficial licence plate country code) Yemen YAR (stands for Yemen Arab Republic) Zambia Z Zanzibar EAZ (stands for East Africa Zanzibar) Zimbabwe ZW Separatists from the Spanish region of Catalonia often cover up the E (España) on their number plates with a CAT sticker

Since only two countries border the United States and the vast majority of Americans, Canadians and Mexicans hire a car instead of bringing their own when they go abroad, there was no need for car ovals at all. This explains why these oval-shaped country stickers have never been subject to any kind of regulation by the American Government. At some point in the early 80s, however, it became trendy for Americans to look European: with the yuppie bimmer craze, it was not uncommon to see BMWs with the German “D” oval sticker (Deutschland) driving on American highways (see picture on the left).

Soon, some Americans started putting all kinds of other stickers on their cars in order to boast about what amazing (European) destinations they had been to. White oval bumper stickers gradually became a fad status symbol, so people started making Euro-looking stickers with abbreviations for places in the States. Common stickers are for instance things like “MV” for Martha’s Vineyard, “CA” for California, “ACK” for Nantucket (which is the airport code) and “OBX” for the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

This European custom became an international requirement in many countries after the U.N.’s Geneva Convention on Road Traffic (1949) and Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (1968). It was agreed upon that a distinguishing sign of the country of registration had to be displayed on the rear of the vehicle. It also stipulated that the sign could either be placed separately from the registration plate or could be incorporated into the vehicle’s number plate and if the international registration letter was incorporated into the licence plate, it also had to appear on the front number plate.

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