Bicycle Frame Decals Custom

round stickers Bicycle Frame Decals Custom

round stickers Bicycle Frame Decals Custom

The bicycle frame sticker carved hollow frame stickers or decals name custom made personalized frame
The incredibly detailed graphics are actually die cut decals that are precisely positioned and trimmed
Nld nemeth laszlo designs stricker
Nld nemeth laszlo designs stricker
Nld nemeth laszlo designs stricker
Nld nemeth laszlo designs stricker
Nld nemeth laszlo designs stricker
Nld nemeth laszlo designs stricker
Nld nemeth laszlo designs stricker
Linsey corbin gets a custom painted trek with some small extra decals this is
Nld nemeth laszlo designs stricker
Nld nemeth laszlo designs stricker
Nld nemeth laszlo designs stricker
One of the first evil revolt bikes in the uk custom graphics made by slikgraphics
High quality bike name decals used by over 70000 passionate cyclists around the globe
Nld nemeth laszlo designs stricker
Banshee spitfire 2014 style decal kit product images of
Pennine handbuilt steel frames and bikes
Nld nemeth laszlo designs stricker

Santa Cruz Nomad V4 frame decal/ Rock Shox Lyrik & Deluxe shock decal/ Santa Cruz Reserve rim decal

How much will it cost to ship my order to Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, New-Zealand, etc…?

If you message us please provide us all infos which needed like: colour, model, year, sizes if possible pictures to make easier and faster respond!

The rim decals I ordered appear to be the wrong size as the curve does not match the rim.

Do you ship to Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, New-Zealand, etc…?


NLDESIGNS – Custom decals for those who wants to own unique bikes! We design and produce custom decals and stickers for those who wants to own unique bikes. Check out our gallery to get some ideas and contact us to get your customized decals!

You need to use a physical Pantone or RAL swatch next to your frame colour to obtain the correct reference, or confirm the colour code with the manufacturer or painter. Finding a matching code online (on screen) is not accurate.

YT Jeffsy frame decal 27,5/ Fox 36 & DHX 2 shock decal/ Sram X01 crank decal

Santa Cruz Hightower frame decal set/ Enve m70 rim decal/ Fox 36 & X2 shock decal

Instead of using one of the stock colours, can you print Neon yellow , Turquoise, DVO Green , Pantone or RAL colours?

Hopefully you will find the answer you’re looking for here. If not, you are of course welcome to Contact Us with your enquiry and we will do our best to help.

Custom Pivot Switchblade frame decal / Fox 36 & Float shock decal / Ibis 942 rim decals

 Santa Cruz Nomad CC frame decal/ Rock Shox Pike & Moarch shock decal

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Trek Remedy frame decals/ Rock Shox Lyrik & Deluxe decals/ Bontrager Line PRO rim decals

YT Capra CF decals/ Fox 36 & X2 decals/ DT Swiss XMC 1200 rim decals/ Race face sixc crank [email protected]

Santa Cruz 5010 cc frame decals/ Fox 34 & Float shock decals / Enve m60 rim decals/ Sram XX1 crank decals

If what you require isn’t on our gallery please get in touch. We have templates on file for many different makes and sizes of bikes and we are always adding to our gallery and Facebook page. Creating designs and proofs is time consuming. We need to be sure of serious enquiries and that we will generate income for the work we are carrying out. In the past we have provided proofs, only for these to be taken elsewhere and copied. We recommend that you look through the gallery, facebook gallery and familiarise yourself with our work before you place an order. The proof and refinement process is carried out in good faith. Once an initial design has been agreed upon, the process covers refinements and minor changes to the design/layout/colours etc. It does not cover complete redesigns after the initial proof has been agreed. Thank you for your understanding. Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds for custom decal orders. Our proof and refinement process is exhaustive and you can make any changes before your decals are produced.

We can match most colours. Please sign your colour selection which you prefer.

Initial enquiry from customer Full payment due* Design proofs provided to customer via e-mail or FB Design is approved or declined. Rejected designs will be refined until you are 100% happy with the look of your decals before they are prepared.

Decals are prepared and shipped to the customer.

Subject* custom frame decals custom fork & shock decals custom rim decals custom crank decals custom complete bike design custom clothing any other custom decals any further information

Rocky Mountain Maiden frame decal/ Manitou Dorado fork decal/ Enve m90 rim decal

Santa Cruz Bronson CC frame decal set/ Fox 36 & Float X shock decal/ Race Face Next crank decal/ Enve m60 rim [email protected]

Santa Cruz Hightower LT CC frame decal/ Fox 36 & DPX2 shock decal/ E13 TRS rim decals

Our company design and prepare all decals customly for the customers. In case of that you would like to place an order for any decals please message us and discuss every details to produce you something really unique. For any further info, suggestion or offer please contact us!

We are really proud of our products and we want you to be fully satisfied with the item,you purchase. We do our best in order to make your graphics look their best as long as it is possible. Our decals are tested by several foreign partners of ours and of course by our riders so as to know what works and what doesn’t of course there is always room for improvement. We always use the best materials so that our decals can be timeless. Mainly we use a CMYK printing process. We are able to deal with fluorescent,metallic or spot colours. We laminate our decals, which means that the surface is covered by a clear film in order to protect the product from any kind of dirt or scratches or UV light. It is important because in this way we can produce them to be timeless. The laminate is on offer in different thicknesses depending on the demande of the customer.

Santa Cruz Chameleon frame decal/ Nextie carbon rim decal/ Fox 34 fork decals

For shipping fees, please contact us. You can choose express shipping too by Fedex.

Whilst the bend looks like it won’t be enough when they are flat, the decal will bend more as you apply it because of the bevel of the rim surface. Apply from one end, working the decal to fit the curve of the rim as you go. You can use hairdrier or heatgun to install them easily.

Pivot Phoenix carbon frame decal/ Enve M90 rim decal/ Fox 40 & x2 shock decal/ Race Face Sixc crank decal

Specialized Enduro S-works frame decalFox 36 & X2 shock decalSram XX1 crank decals

Knolly Warden carbon frame decals/ Rock Shox Pike fork decals/ CCDB Inline shock decals/ Industry 9 enduro rim decals/ Race Face Next SL crank [email protected]

Here are the details of the order process for custom stickers:

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Custom digi camo decal set for Santa Cruz Nomad V4:Santa Cruz Nomad frame decal/ Rock Shox Lyrik & Deluxe shock decal/ ZTR Flow MK3 rim [email protected]

The NLDesigns. was established in 2011 with that base idea to design and make custom bike decals for anybody. The aim was simple; to lend external glamour for bike components which makes their owners proud. To continue this aim we always strive to test new materials and production methods to make the best quality decals. If you want to order stickers, decals or any graphics please contact us and we can discuss your ideas. However if you are a simple rider or a team manager we’ve got custom products for you! We can supply custom graphics for bike restorers, bike build or bike teams in lower or higer quantity. Furthermore we can provide race team designs, jerseys, T-shirts, Hoodies, rider ID., banners.

 Transition Patrol Cartoon Network themed frame decals/ Enve m70 rim decals/ Rock Shox Pike & Deluxe shock decals/ Race Face next crank [email protected]

Evil Wreckoning decal set/ F36 decals/ Fox X2 decal/ Enve m70 rim decals/ Race Face next Crank [email protected]

Bicycle Frame Decals Custom