Band Stickers Printing

December 11, 2018 6:47 am by maryrosh
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Band Stickers Printing

When it comes to marketing bands, stickers are probably the best way to go about it. People love to stick their favorite band’s logo on everything. What’s more, the smaller the band the better; it shows how cool and indie they are for liking such an unknown band.

Keep your stickers small. There’s more places for smaller stickers to go.  Use your band’s logo as your design. Include contact information – website, facebook, SoundCloud, whatever helps your fans find you!

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Stickers are incredibly cheap, easy to distribute, and they can give you a presence in the places your audience hangs out. And they look awesome on bumpers in the parking lot at your gig. They are easy to transport (hundreds will fit in your coat pocket), they are very cheap to send in the mail, and they are a fun giveaway.

Upload a logo or illustration with a white background and see an instant preview of your sticker!

We Offer No Minimum Quantity And Free Shipping On All Orders!

In fact, we recommend our Sticker Sheets because they give you ultimate inventory control, and we know from our research that bands who use Sticker Sheets over single serving stickers make more money on merchandise sales and maximize overall return on investment.

Make your bass drum stand out with a full color sticker made by uploading your own band logo or by customizing one of our designs! Printed on 12 mil polypropylene, our bass drum stickers are removable and repositionable so they won’t damage your bass drum head. These should only be used on non-coated plastic bass drum heads and will be bubble-free once applied.

Band stickers can find their way into your adoring public’s hands a multitude of ways: at your shows, on your groupies, in your quaint physical album sleeve, you can even stick them to random strangers on the street if the mood takes you, though Sticker Robot is not responsible for any violence that may ensue as a result of this behavior.

Stickers For My Band has been created especially for musicians and bands to create fantastic customized bumper stickers for promotion. Bumper stickers keep your name out there for thousands to see — for very little money. If you need rock band stickers or bumper stickers for your blues band, we have designed unique sticker templates that you can customize with your own text and color choices. Our templates cover a variety of music genres.

Anyone who listens to music will know that you don’t necessarily have to be a good band to be a successful band. You do need to get noticed, however, and that part can sometimes be tricky.

Custom Band Logo Stickers Custom Printed Stickers for Bands ORDER NOW

The custom band sticker is a StickerGiant staple. In fact, StickerGiant founder John Fischer grew up in Chicago seeing live music at many of the hot clubs in the city, and the Fischer family is big into music. So, StickerGiant knows all too well that most new bands don’t have much money for advertising or promotion.

Simply upload an epic design that incorporates your band’s logo, and we’ll print them for you. We’ll even ship them free (in the US). Our band stickers are extremely high quality, and will still be advertising your band long after you’ve all developed drug habits and gone on indefinite hiatuses.

Whether you’re a band or a musician just getting the word out about your music, we can make the right custom sticker to match your beat. We can make custom sticker sheets for your merchandise table or print your band logo as a custom shaped sticker. We offer fast turnaround with free shipping to get it to you in time for your next show.

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