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In one sexually charged sticker the driver jokes that he or she frequents the readers
Article V Bumper Stickers

Article V Bumper Stickers Article V Bumper Stickers

Gov. Pat Quinn today signed a bill into law preventing state officials from putting their name or likeness on taxpayer funded signs. The measure was a response to Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s decision years ago to plaster his name on nearly three dozen signs on the Illinois Tollway at what Quinn said was a cost of almost $500,000.

“Sometimes there are those in politics and public office who want to glorify themselves at public expense, and I don’t think that’s right,…

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Hillary Clinton is in a pickle. She’s a shoe-in for her party’s presidential nomination because of Barack Obama’s failures. But those failures might keep her from getting the job. Her husband’s “law of politics” is that elections are always about the future, but she’s stuck in the past.

In 2008, Obama pandered to liberal hopes while Clinton appealed to their good sense. Obama promised miracles and magic. Clinton promised more homework. “Cynicism” was Obama’s real…

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Circumcision disaster: HIV infection rate doubles, Bumper Sticker

Is it dangerous to engage in political debate on the highway at 60 miles per hour? There was a 2008 study by Colorado State University that showed drivers with bumper stickers displayed more road rage than those without any stickers. More interesting to me is that it didn’t matter what the bumper sticker said ­ — all of them were connected with road rage. The people who had “Practice Random Acts of Kindness” bumper stickers were just as likely to rage as the “My Student Beat Up Your Honor Student” people.

The current presidential candidates’ slogans are rather tame – “Forward” for Barack Obama and “Believe in America” for Mitt Romney – but such was not always the case. 1. When Democrats sought to get Franklin Pierce elected president, they reminded voters of James Polk’s win eight years earlier.

The slogan: “We Polked you in 1844; we’ll Pierce you in 1852. ” 2. “Sunflowers die in November” doesn’t seem like a winning slogan in a presidential race, but it was….

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In the wake of recent shootings at U.S. schools, a Wisconsin state legislator has proposed a novel solution: Let’s arm the teachers. You can hardly be surprised at Republican Rep. Frank Lasee’s interest in this issue: One of those shootings took place in his state.

There, on Oct. 1, a 15-year-old boy shot Weston Schools Principal John Klang to death. Still, Lasee’s proposed solution has raised eyebrows. As others debate solutions ranging from heightened security.


Dear Abby: Not long ago, while I was vacationing in Dallas, my wife and I saw 10 or 15 cars with teenage drivers that carried bumper stickers which read: IF I`M DRIVING IRRESPONSIBLY, CALL MY PARENTS. (Or MY DAD or MY MOM.

) Each sticker had a telephone number, obviously handprinted, at the bottom-printed with black, indelible markers. I was so taken with the idea that I asked one of those teenage drivers where he got the bumper sticker.

He replied that his parents had made him…

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What kind of conversation are we having on our cars? Most messages are aggressive. There’s this sort of screaming back and forth, and you’re much more likely to scream “Your candidate is lame” than “My candidate is good.” Anyone with a sticker is the type of person who wants to be heard.

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By David Hanners, Knight-Ridder/Tribune | September 22, 2000

One of the presidential candidates texted me the other day. “Last call,” he warned, then made me an offer: Pick my favorite of three 2012 bumper stickers and get it sent to me for free! A bumper sticker? How quaint.

How 2008. When I got that text, I realized what a quiet bumper-sticker season this campaign has seemed. Look around. How many 2012 presidential bumper stickers do you see? For either candidate? Four years ago, political passion burst from bumpers everywhere, for Barack.


Boycott Arizona. Somebody design the T-shirts. Somebody ready the bumper stickers. Boycott Arizona. Gov. Jan Brewer has not said at this writing whether she will veto a bill passed by the state legislature that would allow businesses to refuse service to gay people on religious grounds.

Maybe she’ll do the right thing. Maybe we should be ready in case she does not. After all, this is the state that resisted the Martin Luther King holiday for six years. The one that outlawed ethnic studies classes.

Are bumper stickers, as a folk art, on the decline? Yes — in fact, a lot of luxury cars don’t even have bumpers anymore. That’s almost sending a message in itself: “Don’t put a bumper on my car. I’m not going to be bumping into things.”

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Jerry Janezich and Rebecca Yanisch have one thing in common — they both lost big to Mark Dayton in last week’s local primary in St. Paul, Minn., — but their campaigns took opposite approaches to that staple of American politics: the bumper sticker.

Janezich, whose campaign usually had trouble finding two nickels to rub together, ordered 10,000 of them. Yanisch, a millionaire who had little trouble raising money, didn’t order a single one. Dayton, also a.


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A Cuban dissident who is to receive a major human-rights award this week said his house had been vandalized, and he blamed the government. A flag and bumper stickers of the militant anti-Castro group Alpha 66 were tied and pasted to the house of Oswaldo Paya, who advocates non-violent change of Cuba’s socialist system.

Scrawled on the bumper stickers were “Death to informers” and words that included “spy” and “traitor.” Paya said he has not received the exit visa needed to receive…

Back at his desk, Gill cut out a sticker, according to his son-in-law Mark Gilman, who was a teenager working in the shop at the time. He probably called in his deputy, Ed McConnell, “and between Forest and Ed, they dummied up some copy, like ‘Jones for Sheriff.’ Then they went back to the car to see if the stickers would fit.”

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Gill seized on two new technologies ­ — self-adhesive paper and Day-Glo paint — and combined them into a novelty item perfectly adapted for America’s highways. By the 1960 presidential election, bumper stickers were everywhere, rivaling buttons as a favorite way for voters to declare their intentions. Gilman, who now runs the family print shop, said that national elections create a frenzy in the bumper-sticker business. “As soon as the conventions are over, we’re kind of on pins and needles waiting to see if it’s going to lead to some big orders,” he said. Gilman has his eye on the Senate battle in Massachusetts. An election that’s a real squeaker is best for a bumper-sticker man.

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The Democrats have it all wrong when it comes to one of their choices for a new President Barack Obama bumper sticker: “Like a Boss. ” The Democrats foolishly think the phrase derives from an old rap song denoting cool competence.

“Like a bowse” is how the young people pronounce it. “‘Like a Boss’ is rockin’ it,” said Heather, a sophomore at the University of Illinois who explained it to me. “The phrase ‘Like a Boss’ is like kickin’ it.

” But I have no…

( We The People ) Article 1 2nd Amendment Guns and Bumper Sticker

By Items compiled from Tribune news services | December 15, 2002

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Somebody design the T-shirts. Somebody ready the bumper stickers. Boycott Arizona. Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed Wednesday a bill passed by the state legislature that would allow businesses to refuse service to gay people on religious grounds.

But remember, this is the state that resisted the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday for six years. The one that outlawed ethnic studies classes. The one where state lawmakers tried to redefine U.S. citizenship to snub so-called.


Along with inspired oratory, grassroots campaigning and voter enthusiasm, count the political bumper sticker as another casualty of the current presidential campaign. With two days to go until Election Day, Americans are not just tuning out the proceedings.

They are also turning their vehicular backs. Once staples in presidential races, bumper stickers plastered on cars included such classics as “Nixon’s the One,” “Now More Than Ever,” “(Nixon redux),” “AuH2O (Barry Goldwater)

By the release of the now-ubiquitous video from a fundraising stop, I believe that the Romney campaign has inadvertently (or perhaps deliberately) snookered the media into re-framing the race as between those that are in the 47 percent – people who see themselves as victims dependent upon government – and the remainder of Americans who aren’t.

The problem for Obama is that almost no one self-identifies with this group. That’s because another name for this group is “losers. ” Look for references to the 53…

Ever since they stopped building pyramids, the Egyptians have always seemed to me a rather feckless lot. Their only leader who had a grip on things was the late King Farouk, and it was usually on the backside of some nubile movie starlet at (appropriately enough) Cannes.

Since him, successive Egyptian governments have fought three major wars against the hopelessly outnumbered Israelis, and lost. They have waged a campaign to convince hundreds of thousands of their citizens that cemeteries are not.


US Constitutional Freedoms – Know Your Rights! Bumper Sticker

An article on Sept. 23 about bumper stickers misstated the date for the presidential election by which bumper stickers were widespread. It was in 1960, not 1962. (There was no presidential election in 1962.)

Jack Bowen, author of “If You Can Read This,” studies the semiotics of bumper-sticker slogans.

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Dawn doesn’t break the morning after an election in Arkansas, but just kind of eases up over the horizon, as if afraid to shine a light on the results. It doesn’t come like some hoot owl that can be heard a way off.

And by the whole neighborhood. That’s not its style this morning. Today dawn comes like a scooch owl, slowly, creeping almost imperceptibly closer and closer and closer to its prey … until you look down and there’s no more prey, only remains.

Much like the results of an election carefully…

One day in the mid-1940s, Forest Gill, the owner of a print shop, knelt down in a Kansas City parking lot and measured a car’s bumper. Ever since the automobile age began, drivers had advertised their opinions with handmade placards tied to their cars with bits of twine. Gill realized that he could make “bumper signs” forever obsolete.

Part of my brief against the tea party movement, particularly early on, was that the angry right-wing activists who carried signs and shouted slogans at its protests seemed to have no idea exactly what they wanted.

Lower taxes. Smaller government. Sure. But how did that translate into specific and meaningful action? What, aside from the obvious, unholy trinity of “waste, fraud and abuse” did they want to cut? I asked this of John Tillman, CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute, in the spring of 2010.


LeAnn Weiss, staunch Republican, and Pam Jennelle, staunch Democrat, have a lot in common. Both are firm believers in a cause. Both drive small foreign cars. And both of those cars are plastered with bumper stickers.

Weiss and Jennelle are members of the bumper-sticker faithful, people who can always spot their cars in a mall parking lot, people whose friends are sometimes embarrassed to ride with them. They tend to be opinionated-about politics, sports teams and just about any other topic that.


By Leonard Pitts, a syndicated columnist based in Washington: Tribune Media Services | October 17, 2006

Police here are offering a car accessory that’s not likely to prove popular with teenage drivers. For $1 each, the police are pushing bumper stickers that say: “If I`m driving irresponsibly call my parents at ( ) – .

” The area code and phone number are to be filled in by the parents with a black marker pen. There are variations, too, for single-parent households that say “Call My Mom” or “Call My Dad.” Police Chief Jim Cost said the bumper stickers are an option for parents who have.


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